Agent Rules

  1. Definitions
    • 'The Irish National Lottery', means the official lottery run by the "An Post", which has no connection directly or indirectly with "IBD Integrated Business Direct Ltd" trading as "Irish & UK Subscription Service", who act solely as an agent on behalf of the member.
    • 'Agent', means "IBD Integrated Business Direct Ltd" trading as "Irish & UK Subscription Service" who will place the Stake on "Irish Lottery" on behalf of the participating overseas member.
    • 'Member', means the person from overseas who has paid for and picked the numbers to be placed on "The Irish National Lottery".
    • 'Subscription', the cost of entry to the 'The Irish National Lottery'. The subscription cost includes the actual ticket cost + credit card charges + other costs involved in supplying the service to overseas customers .
  2. Agent's Responsibilities
    1. The Agent Will:
      1. Receive and authorise all membership forms and confirm numbers to be played.
      2. Buy tickets bearing the Members agreed numbers for the amount of the Members Stake and inform them of the starting date, approximately 24 hours from receiving the Membership form.
      3. Payout Policy - When you win, you'll receive a Prize Notification stating the amount you've won. For winnings above EU€1,000.00, one of our agents will give you a call to ask how you would like to claim your prize and where we can send it to any bank you nominate, anywhere in the world. Any cash winnings above EU€100 are normally sent via wire transfer. Winnings below EU€100 are sent in cash or credited to your account for future use.
    2. If any Member fails to pay in full the Stake amount to the Agent in advance of any Stake by the agreed deadline, the Agent may (but shall not be obliged to) pay that individual Stake on the Member's behalf and, if the Agent does so, the Member will reimburse the Agent forthwith upon demand.
    3. The Agent shall not be liable to any Member for any loss or damage arising out of any failing of the Stake by "The Irish National Lottery", provided that the Agent has acted honestly.
  3. Member's Responsibilities
    1. The Member will pay their individual Stakes to the Agent in advance of each Draw by the agreed deadline.
    2. The member will check the results section and claim any winnings.
  4. Ceasing to be a Member

    A Member shall be removed from the Agent agreement:

    1. If the member wishes to cease playing the game after the full payment of any Stakes.
    2. At the discretion of the Agent, if the Member fails to pay his individual Stake.
    3. At the discretion of the Agent, if the Member fails to reimburse the Agent in accordance with Rule 2.2.
  5. This Agreement
    1. It shall be the responsibility of the Agent to update and amend this agreement.
    2. The Member in this agreement will have the Stakes placed in all draws as agreed in the membership email confirmation that shall be given by email address to the email address you provided during the registration process. Alternatively, we may give you notice by certified mail, postage prepaid, to the address provided to us during the registration process.


  • Unless otherwise agreed, all winning players will remain anonymous.
  • Offers void where Prohibited by Law.
  • It will be your responsibility to ensure that correct instructions are given to "Irish & UK Subscription Service" to effect the purchase of tickets.
  • "Irish & UK Subscription Service" will accept no liability for any errors that may have occurred.
  • "Irish & UK Subscription Service" cannot be held liable for any lost or delayed transactions caused by the failure of the Irish National Lottery computer or for any other computer or communications fault that may occur in the transaction of this business.
  • Late payment will result in no purchase of tickets being made for the next applicable draw, but will then be used to effect purchase of tickets for the next consecutive draw.
  • It will be the responsibility of you the purchaser to notify "Irish & UK Subscription Service" of any winning combination upon which a claim is made within 60 days of the date for which the applicable draw was made.
  • "Irish & UK Subscription Service" shall act as group manager in collection of prize monies. These monies shall be paid to you in full.
  • You may not purchase tickets or claim prize monies if under the age of 18.
  • The ticket is purchased on your behalf subject to the rules for on line games and the Irish National Lottery game procedures. In the event of your failure to comply with those rules and procedures, the ticket purchased on your behalf shall become the property of "Irish & UK Subscription Service" and any prize monies resulting therefrom shall remain the property of "Irish & UK Subscription Service" absolutely.
  • "Irish & UK Subscription Service" reserves the right to withdraw this service without prior notice.
  • It is the cardholder responsibility to observe the national law of the cardholder's country regarding possible lottery and gambling prohibitions. In case of doubt, the cardholder must assure himself/herself
  • Purchases from this website will appear on your credit card statement as one of the following billing descriptors: “Irish&UK 353719314138” or “International Lottery Agent”
  • Cancellation Policy - All entry fees and/or payments for lotto entries are non-refundable once entries have been lodged or subscriptions have expired. Where the customer is not completely satisfied, a refund may be issued for the unused portion of the Customers subscription. You may request a refund by contacting us at
  • "Irish & UK Subscription Service" ensures all personal details & information is confidential.
  • Anti-Money Laundering Policy - IBD Integrated Business Direct Limited is aware that potential customers may appear to be legitimate, but in reality could be conducting illicit activities such as money-laundering when making use of its services. It is therefore the policy of IBD Integrated Business Direct Limited to incorporate the following principles into its business practice:

    Customer Acceptance and Verification
    The Company shall make a reasonable effort determine the true identity of all customers requesting the Company's services.
    Complete Identification of the Customer must be obtained. No transaction may be processed under an anonymous or fictitious name. Any transaction with the Company will require the following information:

    • full name
    • at least one contact number and valid email address
    • residential address
    • country of citizenship
    • date of birth (for age control)

    1. Credit card transactions require that the customer is in actual fact the credit card holder. Customer name must match the name on the credit card used, or the transaction will be declined.
    2. Upon receipt of an order from a new customer, contact is initiated by the Company by email and/or telephone within one week. This contact serves a three-fold purpose of verifying customer identity, confirming receipt of order and being able to offer other Company products in line with the new customer's interests.
    3. Entries (and any consequent prize winnings) in the lotteries on offer are non-transferable. Potential customers should be made aware that should they win any prizes, their winnings can only be remitted to the customer name on record. It is therefore in their best interests to provide correct information and details.
  • As a general rule, the Company shall not establish a business relationship until the identity of the potential customer is satisfactorily established. If a potential customer refuses to produce any of the requested information, the relationship shall not be established. Likewise, if the potential customer is not forthcoming with requested follow-up information, any relationship already begun shall be terminated.

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