The Irish National Lottery pays in excess of 50% of its funds in prize money.

The balance is used to fund projects in Ireland in the areas of health, sport, culture and national heritage.

The jackpot is never lower than 2 Million Euro and is frequently worth in excess of 6 Million Euro.

It can rise to 12 Million Euro and more!

The draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday night on national television (RTE).

The jackpot prize is won by matching the first six numbers drawn (1 to 47). A seventh number is also drawn and is called the 'bonus' number.

Prizes can also be won by matching:

  • Five numbers plus the bonus number
  • Five numbers
  • Four numbers plus the bonus number
  • Four numbers
  • Three numbers plus the bonus number
  • Three numbers.
  • Two numbers plus the bonus number

Although people tend to pick their own lucky numbers, a 'quick pick' option is available.

Prizes are tax-free and are paid out in one lump sum.

On receipt of your entry we will:

  • Enter your numbers in the Irish Lottery and send you confirmation of your entry.
  • Double-check your numbers after each draw.
  • Send you details of the winning numbers for each draws.
  • It is our duty to observe total confidentiality.
  • Payment is made according to your instructions.
  • No-one will know that you have bought a ticket and no-one will know that you have won - except you!
  • Entry fees include postage, handling and agent charges.

If you have any questions about our service, email us now at:

We will be happy to answer them.

Our Service Guarantee:
If you are not completely satisfied with our service,
we will refund the unused portion of your subscription - no questions asked.

We wish you the very best of Irish Luck!